Tina Pratt

My goal when I joined the gym was to lose weight and tone up. I was also hoping to gain some muscle. This was important to me because, I had developed a medical condition that the doctors blamed on my excessive weight. 

My goal was weight loss and to get fitter. This goal was important to me because I was very over weight and unhealthy! I was concerned for my general health. 

I signed up with rick because I didn’t know how and what was the best way to achieve my goals! My first session I was very nervous and anxious about but as soon as I got there Rick made me feel comfortable and at ease! After that I really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait for the next session 

If someone was considering joining I would recommend that they did! They defiantly would get a lot off the sessions. Rick is the best in his field (my opinion obviously) he is very knowledgeable and always happy to help! Nothing is too big or too small!