John Perks *****

“February 2018 I decided I needed to lose weight. I lost 1 stone pretty quickly and then nothing. I felt I was working hard and achieving nothing. I decided to have a few weeks of personal training sessions with Ric to help me achieve more weight loss.

I could not squat as my knees hurt and certain exercises hurt my arm. 18 months later I’m still having weekly personal training sessions with Ric. I can now squat as we have built my knees up and they don’t hurt.

I’m probably one of his difficult clients. As I moan at him, disagree and basically fight any new exercise. Somehow he manages to keep calm and get me to do all the exercises. So after 18 months with him, I have lost 3 stone in weight and changed my body shape.

What he does not mention is how you keep having to buy new clothes, as they will soon be hanging off you. I recommend trying him as he will get you results a lot faster than on your own. Plus your fitness levels improve.”