James Ducker

My goal when joining the gym was to regain fitness so that I could enjoy sport more.  I also wanted to lose weight so that my BMI was within a normal range as well as regain some body tone back. It was important to me because, I’ve always enjoyed sport but the effort was becoming more laboured and my capability was reducing.  Exercise is important to me for relaxation and mental health as well as being able to enjoy the great outdoors with enhanced fitness performance.  At home, being fitter helps me address a better work life balance and handle the physicality of day to day life with greater ease.  I had a number of competitive sports events in the calendar and I wanted to be body fit.

I signed up to Personal Training as I wasn’t achieving my fitness goals effectively.  Whilst I was getting slightly fitter, my weight and body tone didn’t change.  My diet regime was leaving me hungry and my performance gains in sport were marginal.  I needed expertise from a Personal Trainer to review my diet, lifestyle and training plan and make effective changes. My first training session involved a thorough fitness and strength assessment which set the benchmark for improvement and structured upcoming training plans.  Riccardo was able to provide me with a lot of knowledge and experience on the strength training approach and how this would work towards achieving my goals.  I was provided the first of many practical diet and lifestyle changes.  

I would say give Personal Training some serious thought.  If you’re struggling to make the fitness changes in your life and getting frustrated that you don’t know why, getting an expert Personal Training will offer you some fresh insights and tailor an effective training program to meet your goals.  For me, the results speak for themselves in terms of sustained weight loss, significant increase in strength, reduced injuries and improved stamina and speed in sport.  Having trained with Riccardo for around a year, I greatly enjoy the varying and incrementally challenging training schedule as well as continuing to learn lifestyle and fitness techniques.  The journey has been quite rewarding.