Semi-Private Training

active NRG’s comprehensive Semi-Private Training option includes everything you need to get outstanding transformations & sports fitness results fast, and allows you to train alongside your friends, colleges and other active NRG clients.

active NRG’s Semi-Private Training system gives you the advantages of a dedicated personal strength and conditioning coach as well as the benefits of a traditional gym membership rolled into one complete package. It is designed for those who want great results from more regular personal and sports conditioning training and thrive on top-class coaching, training with friends or team-mates (no more than 6 clients per session) at more affordable prices.

Semi private’s most popular training goals

Strength Training for 40 plus

Healthy Aging for 40 plus

Weight Loss for 40 plus

Healthy Weight Gain for 40 plus

Complimentary Strategy & Motivation Consultation

This short chat helps you determine where you are now so that you have all the important information you need before you even consider committing to training with me or any other gym.

Complimentary Movement Assessment

So after a movement assessment I’ll create and guide you through your individual flexibility strategy that will enable you to prevent injury and feel better, move correctly and perform exercises with great technique.

Personalised training program design

Then you will have a customised program to your individual needs.

Semi-Private training sessions

You’ll receive individual coaching in a semi-private setting (no more than 6 clients per session).

active NRG Training App

Our custom active NRG Training App gives you access to your training and nutrition plan at anytime, anywhere and on any device for individual support to succeed. Watch instructional videos, track your training and physique progress stats, schedule workouts and benefit from unlimited group messaging with your coach and other group members.

Unlimited ongoing gym coaching

So now you’ll never be left not knowing what to do. I focus on fostering an environment where everyone is part of the active NRG community. Everyone works hard but everyone works together. I am proud of active NRG’s welcoming and inclusive training culture.

Personalised nutrition & lifestyle advice

At active NRG’s we follow a simple three-stage system. So that will help you eat in the way that’s most effective for you. I’ll create for you an exercise and eating plan that doesn’t require you to devote your entire life to the gym. As well as using my expertise to act as your fitness filter, so you’re only given advice that works and ensures you get always get results; both in the gym and out of it.

If I don’t convince you during your 7 Day Trial Package that this is the best training for you in Sutton Coldfield, walk away with no obligation whatsoever.

Click to view active NRG’s 3 Stage Nutrition System

Regular progress evaluations

I’ll measure your progress and give you ongoing feedback.

The option of additional personal training

Should you feel you need it.

My clients also benefit from a partnership active NRG has with a nutritional supplement supplier I trust ( So I can guarantee quality supplements at the best prices, with priority personal service or online purchasing from my web store. I only recommend supplements I’d use myself that will benefit you for life and support your goals.

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