Breakfast SmoothieOn those days when you don't fancy eggs again, or your in a rush try knocking up a smoothie, like this one. You could even do it the night before and keep it in the fridge ready to go!
Breakfast Stir-fryPacked with protein and a healthy dose of vegetables, this will start your day off on the right foot. We’ve called it the breakfast stir-fry but in fact, this makes for an awesome meal or snack at any time of the day.
Coconut Flour PancakesPancakes can be such a great breakfast treat. And, it’s great that you don’t have to give them up on a low carb diet. These pancakes use coconut flour, but you can also try almond flour pancakes recipe. If you decided to try a low carb pancakes recipe using coconut flour. There are a lot of people with nut allergies who can’t have almonds. Flour made from defatted coconut is a terrific option for those who need a nut-free recipe. These gluten free low carb coconut flour pancakes turned out lighter than the almond flour ones. And, they don’t have the nutty flavor of the almonds.
Creamy Chocolate ShakeThis Creamy Chocolate Shake is so rich, creamy and simply delicious. Good news: It's made with 8 simple ingredients.
Eggs With Avocado And SalsaThis super-simple paleo breakfast recipe combines fluffy scrambled eggs with avocado slices and salsa. Almonds are added as a crunchy and unusual topping for extra protein. To make this dish more substantial, try serving it with salmon or bacon, or alongside some fresh fruit if you’d like a lighter meal.
Fruit Salad with CinnamonThis is a very easy fruit salad with diced apples and oranges, chopped nuts and cinnamon. You can use any fruit and nuts you desire but the combination we’ve used here goes particularly well with aromatic, good-for-you cinnamon! That’s right – cinnamon has been shown to have health benefits including improved glucose tolerance. Have your Fruit Salad with Cinnamon for a snack or make it a side dish to any main meal. Lemon juice, a bit of honey, full-fat coconut milk, or dried fruit can also be added to taste. Feel free to use any kinds of apples that you desire.
Low Carb Green SmoothiePacked with superfoods, this keto smoothie is a healthy breakfast option for your ketogenic eating. It's low in carbs, high in healthy fats, magnesium and potassium, making it the ideal meal to fight keto flu. I used green tea powder aka matcha which apart from having many health benefits goes great with coconut milk and vanilla. Avocado adds creaminess and heart-healthy fats and MCT oil will boost your energy. If you need to add some protein, use quality protein powder or collagen.
Sausage Stir-Fry BreakfastIt’s nice to have a few egg-free options in your breakfast recipe repertoire and nothing is tastier and more satisfying than this low-carb stir-fry of sausage, onions and spinach! This recipe works with any type of sausage including Andouille if you’re planning a Cajun style breakfast or chorizo if you’re in the mood for Mexican food. If you’re going with chorizo sausage, take a few extra minutes to whip up some Avocado Salsa to compliment the meal!
Smoked Salmon Scrambled EggsSalty smoked fish tastes great with a big pile of creamy, fluffy scrambled eggs, especially when you add a little bit of coconut milk for that extra richness. If you’re shaking your head right now because your scrambled eggs always come out with a disappointing rubbery texture instead of that perfect lightness, here are some tips to help you master the art – scrambled eggs are such a classic breakfast food that they’re well worth the learning curve. Of course, the salmon also adds a lot of important nutrients to the mix – some extra B vitamins, minerals like selenium and iodine, and those all-important Omega-3 fats. If you’re not a huge fan of eating a big piece of fish all by itself, this is an easy alternative for getting nutrition from the sea in a form you might find tastier.
Tex-Mex Breakfast ScrambleThis quick and tasty Paleo casserole recipe combines sautéed chicken, eggs and vegetables together with Tex-Mex spices like cumin and chili powder. This Paleo recipe can easily be modified to be vegetarian by leaving out the chicken. You could also replace the chicken with steak, turkey, sausage, lamb, or any type of meat of your choice. Feel free to add other spices like chipotle seasoning to your taste as well.