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Getting Over Injuries if Your Over 40

If your carrying an injury or suffer pain due to poor posture or movement sports therapy and corrective exercise can help. Something as simple as a twisted ankle can become a real problem if not rehabilitated properly especially as we age. Stiff incomplete movements can pull us in all directions increasing the risk of further injury and pain.

  • Find yourself struggling with posture related pain on a daily basis.
  • Worry about you independence and ability to function unassisted.
  • You want to be able to help your children not be helped by them.

Well I have some great news for you. It’s not too late to get your movement back! By assessing your movement and including targeted movement therapy in your programme we can ensure you progress safely and effectively. That’s why you want someone like me that’s been through it and speciales in the 40 plus age group.

In addition to getting moving my clients will benefit form:

  • Stronger healthier bones
  • Improved mood
  • healthier body composition
  • Increased energy levels and drive

Step 2:

So if you want to improve your strength book your complimentary consultation above.

There are four ways to work with me, two face to face and two at distance. They are all effective, but you might find one a better fit for you.

If you live in or near Sutton Coldfield

Personal Training – see more

Small Group Training – see more

If you don’t live near or don’t want to use theGym in Sutton Coldfield

Challenges – see more

Online Health Coaching – see more

The Consult

In the consultation I will ask you a few simple questions about the following:

  1. Your goals.
  2. What you have done in the past.
  3. What you are willing and able to do.

If I believe I am the right person to help you, I will recommend the best programme for you based on the answers to the above questions.

If I’m not the right person to help I will do my best to recommend a solution for you.


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