8 Week Women’s Transformation Challenge

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Attention Ladies…

“Now You Can Be One Of The Select Few, Who Lose Fat, Drop Inches Off Their Stubborn Fat Areas, And Become Fitter Than EVER Without Committing To Hours At A Time With Your Personal Trainer!”

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I am SO EXCITED to share this incredible news with you!

But, first, can I ask you a few questions?

  • Been let down by weight watchers, slimmer’s world, Herbalife or other weight loss programmes?
  • Do you still want to get in the best shape of your life, but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you practically become “confused” with all the marketing and hype you see on TV about the latest and greatest weight loss gadget, potion or pill?
  • Wouldn’t you like to find a real solution that is based on my years of hard work, researching and trying different programs and protocols on myself and my previous clients, over 18 years to find out what really works and not just hype?

 Well, if you’re anything like me, your answers to the above questions are a resounding “YES!”

My name is Riccardo and I understand where you’re coming from. Yes I’m a personal trainer now, but I wasn’t always fit. I played rugby at school, but I would be the last one picked out. So I learnt to push myself not only harder but better, culminating in my playing for the Royal Air Force in an international tournament against Fijian first team.

Today, I’m a dedicated fitness professional and parent. So I’ve made it my mission in life to educate and motivate as many ordinary people like you and me to achieve extraordinary health and fitness results…

And, if it’s all right with you, I’d also like to help you create your own lean tight athletic body that you can be proud of. Give you the energy you need to do a full day’s work and still take your children to the park to play footie at the weekends.   😉

Does that sound good?

It certainly did to these Super Fans of activeNRG.  Sarah here dropped 2 dress sizes in her first month. She still has work to do but that was FAT LOSS not weight loss.

My strength, fitness and flexibility has far exceeded what I thought I would be able to achieve already and also gone down 2 clothes sizes. Signed up for 12 mths and looking forward to seeing the final results in the summer.

Started training in September and really enjoying it. Underwent microfracture knee surgery 4 years ago and had not exercised apart from physio and walking since.



Just imagine… after a few months with us, you’ll be sharing your success story, too…

Now, if you haven’t clicked the button above yet it’s probably because you still have some questions.  I totally understand.

Perhaps you’re thinking this is all too good to be true.  After all, this is indeed a marketing page for a coaching program, right?

Well, let me reassure you, as a small-business owner in Walmley the last thing I want to do is rely on bogus “hype marketing” that will lead to a disappointed and upset community.  That’s why I put in 21 years of effort into researching the latest exercise and nutrition science and only using PROVEN TECHNIQUES at active nrg.

For example, through the advances of science and tens of thousands of hours of practice, elite fitness professionals have discovered a very interesting fact…


In fact, it has recently been proven that spending too much time exercising will actually cause weight gain and reduce fitness!  Too much exercise will also weaken your immune system and can lead to a variety of other health issues ranging from depression to various injuries, heart problems and even death!!  No, that’s not a scare tactic, just basic science.

Now, I won’t bore you with all the details here, but to get maximum results you have to have the right combination of appropriate exercise, supportive nutrition and adequate rest.

Only with the correct combination of all three components of an effective training program will you see the results you’re looking for… you know, the kind that makes your friends ask,

“What have you been doing lately?  You look incredible!”

When you become a part of the active NRG community YOU WILL ACHIEVE TRULY AWESOME RESULTS…

  • Build exercise seamlessly into your busy schedule
  • Replace unhelpful habits with effective new ones
  • Set a great example for your children and inspire them to be healthy and fit
  • Make new, supportive friends who are on the same journey as you
  • Build strong muscles and get a tight toned body
  • Gain self-confidence and see yourself in a new, positive light
  • Learn how easy and fun maintaining your new fit lifestyle is

Programme Guide

8-Week Challenge Programme Guide

Conventional low calorie / low fat dieting is what is hindering your results.  On top of that it just plain doesn’t work.  The standard low-fat / low calorie diets have done more harm for our health than good.  Unfortunately what you have been told is 100% WRONG:  Cutting calories DOES NOT mean you burn more fat – it means you burn less calories.

This program simply and elegantly solves the issues of conventional dieting, allowing you to eat foods regularly off limits to dieters.  In addition it will rely  almost exclusively on nutritious and wholesome REAL foods (with a few exceptions).  Real food is what our body was designed to eat.  When you feed your body in a manner consistent with its design your body becomes lean and healthy – and you become happy.

Enjoy these benefits as well:

  • Naturally balance blood sugar and helps eliminate cravings
  • Supports hormone production and rebalancing
  • Improves brain health and help protect against dementia and other disorders
  • Improves memory and clear brain fog
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves fertility
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Decreases anxiety and mood swings

This plan will deliver fast results to be sure, but even more important it can easily be translated onto a lifestyle that will last the rest of your life.

You we receive the following documents when you sign up:

  • Program Guide – The One You Are Reading Now
  • The 4 Week Menu (used twice)
  • Recipes from the menu (on this site)
  • Grocery List
  • Snack List

The Breakdown

Here is the entire program in a nutshell.  Just bullet points, further discussion of each point will follow.

  • You will consume NO MORE than 100g carbs/day
  • You will consume a minimum of 120g protein/day
  • Fats will only come from natural sources (no man made fats)
  • You will log everything you consume
  • You will get 1 “Cheat Night” per week
  • Calories are not a huge concern
  • Caffeine is accepted but don’t overdo it.

Carb Control

You will consume any starchy carbs post workout. Here’s the deal: Low Carb Works.  There is just no disputing it.

Fat loss is dictated by our bodies hormones levels; primarily insulin.  When insulin is high fat burning is simply not possible. And when we eat carbs we secrete insulin and thus fat loss comes to a screeching halt, unless are muscles need the carbs more!  So it is imperative we control insulin levels, but there is good news:  We can control insulin directly by controlling our carb timing.  Problem solved.

But it can be dreadfully boring if you let it.  So get in the kitchen and make the diet as exciting as you can.

I know, I hear it all the time  “But I *NEED * carbs…”  No, you want carbs and there is a difference.   Decide what is more important, eating carbs or getting lean.  Your call.

Protein Power

Protein is VITALLY important on this program.  You see our muscles are primarily composed of protein (once you take out the water.)  And we will be beating the living crap out of our muscles during this program so we MUST supply the raw materials needed to rebuild and repair the (good) damage we inflict.

As important as timing carbs are to illicit fat burning, it is equally important that we keep our muscle and other lean tissues well nourished to increase the metabolism.

A good rule of thumb is 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, but even this can get screwy if we carry too much body fat – that is why I say a minimum of 120g per day for women.

Protein also takes twice as much energy to digest and assimilate as do carbs and fat, and it can also blunt appetite.  It also stimulates cognitive function.  Protein is good stuff, and can make you feel good and look good.

Good sources are: Meats, chicken, turkey, fish, cottage cheese, (certain) protein powders, whole eggs, and even (nitrite free) bacon.  Be sure to go organic whenever you can.  See the accompanying Food List.

Eat Fat and Get Lean

Remember this simple fact:  Natural fats are awesome, man made ones suck. Remember that one simple thing and you are golden.

Our bodies LOVE fat.  Our brains are mostly fat.  Our cell membranes are made of fat.  Our hormone production RELIES on fat.  Our bodies were literally made to function optimally with a relatively high fat intake.

Going low fat is simple a HUGE mistake.

You can have plenty of healthy and natural fat on this program. Things like coconut oil, avocadoes, nuts, meats, natural cheeses, butter (grass fed) and even bacon (so long as it has not been processed.)

But you must AVOID anything that says it is hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated.  “Trans fats” as they are know is quite toxic and should be avoided at all costs.


More and more research every day says that calories are not as significant as we thought in the fat loss battle.  What is important:  Our body’s hormonal environment (i.e. low insulin levels).  And hey, we’ve already got that covered.

So for this program I have recommended 1400 cals for women, but this is just a guideline.  If you go a bit higher and the other guidelines are still followed (low carbs, high protein, and eating a good amount of healthy fat) I will be one happy trainer.  Really I am n more concerned with you not eating enough (as that KILLS your metabolism) than I am eating too much. So again, calories are pretty low on my list of fat loss concerns.


Complete Accountability
Write it all down in the provided food journals or on your smartphone. I like myfitnesspal.

You will PRINT THESE OUT and bring these logs in with you to every session Be sure to put your name on it as they all look the same.

Cheat Meal
Make sure to keep your cheating under control. This is a time to enjoy some tasty food, not abuse it.

This is a hot topic since you know we are all deprived and starving.

So just to clarify what constitutes a cheat meal:

  1. About the size of a regular meal maybe a little larger.
  2. Usually eaten out and in one sitting.
  3. Used to enjoy a reward for a hard week.
  4. Used to enjoy your favorite food.
  5. Get your hormone levels back in check.

What it is not:

  1. A meal to binge and fill yourself to the point of being sick.
  2. A meal that goes on for hours.
  3. A drinking spree.
  4. A meal that turns into 3 meals.
  5. Hours of snacking.
  6. A meal to derail and entire week of clean eating.
  7. A way to sabotage yourself.
  8. A way to abuse food.
  9. A way to overindulge.


That’s it. It is really not that complicated, but if you have any questions DO NOT HESITATE to contact me- that is what I am here for.

Following this guide can potentially change your life forever– doing what you’re doing will without question keep it the same.

You now have the keys to a new lean, healthy body and a new energized life.  All you have to do is turn the key and walk through the door.  Trust me, you’re going to love it here.


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