Transformation Challenges

Online transformation ChallengeDo you have 10 Lbs or more to shift?
Are you looking for a fast effective plan with everything done for you?

It’s HERE!

  • 30 day meal plans
  • Progressive training programmes
  • Inspiration & motivation
  • Accountability
  • Cash Prize*

Yes everything you need to get great results quickly.

Meal plans include some of the great tasting recipes you can see here on the website.

Training programmes that will take you from body weight exercises to full blown gym sessions. Challenging your body and toning your muscles, while the fat is striped from you.

Inspiration & motivation from short stories and testimonials, to give you the willpower to keep going when it gets tough (and it will).

Accountability tasks will be loaded for you to complete within each week to keep you on schedule.

Cash Prize awarded annually for the best challenge transformation each year.

* Cash Prize based on number of entrants over the year from January to December. Participants must be over 25. Other rules on challenge pages.

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