Private Bootcamp

Got a big occasion coming up like a wedding, girls/boys holiday or event? Do you want to train with some friends or family to get ready for it. Now you can with your own private bootcamp!

Pick your location anywhere within 30 minutes of Sutton Coldfield Town Centre.

  • A park
  • Your home
  • *Church hall
  • *School Hall/Gym*(you will be responsible for booking and paying any venue costs)

If you have…

  • 6 to 20 people
  • Similar goals
  • Some training experience (classes are fine)
  • No current bars to exercise i.e. injury, health conditions. Unless pre cleared by myself text 07970 815809 for details.

You can book your own private boot-camp for £10 a head or less.

What you get in a professionally run private bootcamp.

  • 10 min warm up to raise the heart rate and mobilise joints.
  • 40 min structured working section which includes strength, cardio and muscle toning exercises. (Goal dependent)
  • 10 min yoga cool down to optimise your recovery.

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