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Personal Training Sutton Coldfield (Strength Coaching) in a one to one format

Up to 90-Minute sessions, 3x/week
~£30 per session, billed monthly at £360
Get stronger or get a full refund

No hidden fees – No contract – Cancel anytime


Private coaching one-on-one with me at theGYM Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield Personal Trainer

Flexible Scheduling Options

Train with a coach in a private session. From £30 per session.

Personal Training subscriptions are also available and include three sessions per week.

~£30 per session, billed at £360 monthly

Or Book a consultation

Not Ready For Personal Training 3x/Week?

Check out our other coaching options

home barbell routine

Coaching 2x/Week

~£35 per session, billed at £280 monthly

This plan is ideal for older trainees that benefit from less training frequency, or for those whose schedules don’t allow for an optimal 3x/week training schedule, but still want to get stronger on a two-day program.

No hidden fees. No contract. Cancel anytime

Or Book a consultation

fat burner challenge

Coaching 1x/week

~£40 per session, billed at £160 monthly

This is a bare minimum maintenance plan for those that can only afford the time for personal training (or money) with a coach once per week. 

It’s also for trainees that want coaching once per week and plan on training on their own otherwise. 

Or Book a consultation


Reserved Training Times

Train at the right time for you and stay accountable so you don’t skip sessions.

Dedicated Coaching

Real-time feedback on your lifts to ensure safe and effective technique.

Individual Programming

Each trainee gets individualized programming to maximize progress.

Nutrition Advice

Habit based nutrition coaching to help you achieve your goals

Reserved Training Times

Book up to a month ahead so you don’t loose your perfect slot

World-Class Coaching

I’ve been coach by some of the best coaches so I can bring that to you.

Digital Logbook

Custom app for clients only – track your progress over time

Fair Policies

We don’t do what other gyms do – no sales desk, no contracts, no hidden fees

Schedule a Free Taster & Consult with Me, Riccardo.
Discuss your training goals with Me.