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Strength Training

* Why Strength Training? *

Strength is the most basic requirement of all human movement, so it should be your primary goal.

With increased strength all things become easier. Aging is slowed and even reversed.
“Stronger people are harder to kill, and generally more useful to have around” Mark Rippetoe.

Once you have completed the initial 4 week programme you can choice from 3 continuation programmes to suit your age and training.

These all follow the Starting Strength NLP that have been modified for age and gender.

Use the link bellow to find the right programme for you.

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After a 12 year stint in the armed forces where fitness was part of everyday life, coaching was the natural next step…

How Strength Training Works

We’ll be using the barbell as our tool of choice, this is due to the ability to incrementally increase the load which will make you stronger and stronger throughout the duration of the programme. 

The Starting Strength model is unlike any of the less effective, popular routines practiced by less skilled trainer and adoring the likes of Instagram!

Its not always going to be easy either! But trust me the effort you put in will be repaid ten fold.

My Story

After 12 years of military service in roles such as mechanical infantry, artillery,  support weapons and drill & ceremonial. All requiring a descent leave of fitness, personal training was an obvious choice for me.

Since completing my first fitness course in 95 I continued to seek out new and better approaches to health and fitness. Only to re-enforce what I now know to be true. 

The simple things work best!

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home barbell routine

Why I prioritize strength training over cardio beyond your 40s

Lifting weights with good form while using a well constructed and periodised training programme, can not only make you stronger, but it can also improve structural alignment, provide support for joints (both cartilage and soft tissue), both of which reduces ware and injury risk. So when we do our running we remain injury free.

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Nutri Advanced Superfood (Powdered Vegetables)

Powdered Vegetables

At home you should be getting your 10 servings of vegetables each day. Unfortunately, unless conscious effort is made, this can drop to as low as two to four while on the road.

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