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ONLINE COACHING Online Personal Training for £15/session

Online Personal Training services, customized home strength online coaching programme 

Remote coaching for each of your lifts
£15 per session, billed monthly at £180
Get stronger or get a full refund

No hidden fees – No contract – Cancel anytime

Online Group Coaching Schedule

You choose where and when you train. Use a local gym or train at home, you just need access to a bar or bands with enough resistance to work with. Get a guaranteed space during your selected time-slot or catch up with the recording after, you can still review your form by uploading it on the app that comes with your training programme and nutritional coaching.

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Monday to Friday


  • 8:30am
  • Coming soon
  • 8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday


  • 1:30pm


  • 1:30pm

Not Ready to Train 3x/Week?

Check out our other group personal training options

online coaching online personal training

Coaching 2x/Week
~£17 per session, billed at £136 monthly

This plan is for older trainees that need less training frequency, or for those whose schedules don’t allow for an optimal 3x/week training schedule, but still want to get stronger on a two-day program.

No hidden fees. No contract. Cancel anytime.

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strength band method

Coaching 1x/week
~£19 per session, billed at £76 monthly

This is a bare minimum maintenance plan for those that can only afford the time (or money) to train with a coach once per week.

It’s also for trainees that want coaching once per week and plan on training on their own otherwise.

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Online Coaching Membership Includes:

Mobile App

Access your programming and upload videos for form checks

Dedicated Coaching

Real-time feedback on your lifts to ensure safe and effective technique

Individual Programming

Each trainee gets individualized programming to maximize progress

Nutrition Advice

General nutrition habit recommendations to help you achieve your goals

Instructional Videos

To help you perform the lifts in line with the Starting Strength model

World-Class Coaches

BMF Level 4 S&C certification is the most advanced in the industry


Online trainees are welcome to join Starting Strength Gym member events

Group Chat

Questions? Ask your coaches & fellow trainees in our Slack channel.

Schedule a Free Phone Consult with Me Riccardo To Discuss your training goals with a member of our coaching staff