If your locked down like many of us it's actually a great opportunity to create a healthy fitness habit.


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Is this going to be your year to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle? If so great!

Well, as a online personal trainer in the UK I will be more than happy to help you to achieve your goals, whatever they are. Now you can work with one of the most experienced personal trainer in the UK, over 20 years, I’m able to offer you years worth of invaluable fitness knowledge at incredibly competitive rates.

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Benefits of Working With An Online Personal Training Coach

As an Online Coach myself, I want to start by saying that I was initially hesitant to become one.

I am a Personal Trainer and have been working one to one or in groups with clients for the last 20 years. My belief was, not being able to physically be with someone and make adjustments put me off the idea of training someone 'online'.

But the more I researched it the more I began to realise, it’s an absolute life changer.


And a few years ago I hired my own online coach because I saw how valuable it can be for someone who wants to transform an element in their life (in this case my personal training business).

Before I go onto the benefits, I want to make clear what working with an 'online personal training coach' actually means because this can easily be misunderstood.

It means. . .

- Having a online personal training coach design a workout and/or nutrition program for you.

Communicating directly with a fitness professional on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, by email, text, Skype, calls or other such service.

It does NOT mean purchasing a program online without having any human actually coach you, communicate with you and get feedback from you along the way.

There has to be actual 'coaching' being done.

With that being said, here are the 5 major benefits I found in working with an online trainer and why it might be a great option for you as well.

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1. Accountability

This is probably the main reason I hired a coach. I know you may already know some of the strategies and techniques that should be followed to reach your goals. But having someone hold you accountable, who you have to report to, makes an incredible difference in the execution and results.

If you've ever had an accountability partner or coach in your business, career, or another area, chances are you know the impact this can have on results. It’s exactly the same for your fitness.

2. More Affordable

I’m aware committing to Personal Training can be an expensive task. People commonly pay over £50 for one session. Online Coaching is an opportunity to work with a trainer for a fraction of that price. Yet, the client would still get all the knowledge, guidance and programming from the professional.

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3. Better Use of Your Time

Some clients found they could save around 20 minutes PER WORKOUT by hiring a coach. Before, they would show up to the gym and decide what exercises to do while they were there. There was no game plan set beforehand. Which left a few minutes here and there for deciding on exercises, and letting rest periods linger on longer than needed doesn’t help.

A coach should have every exercise laid out for you 100% so you don't have to think about it.

They SHOULD have your reps, sets, and rest periods all set out for you as well. Once you have specific rest periods to stick to, you will see your overall time in the gym decrease.

4. Maximise the use of your gym

This is a major reason I decided to create my online coaching program. I realised that those who couldn't afford my in-person services or weren't in my area can still benefit from my guidance.

I found that a majority of people who go to the gym on their own don't know what type of exercises would help them see the best results. So they end up on the treadmill or elliptical each time.

By providing you with a step by step program, an online coach can help you maximise the use of your gym time, eliminate the guesswork and ineffective cardio.

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5. Not alone on your journey

 After spending over 20 years in the fitness industry in various settings, I've noticed that most people are on a constant roller coaster of being consistent for a while and then falling off track for a while.

(Not everyone, but many people are).

Have you lost some weight then gained it back a few months later?

And the main reason I believe so many people are experiencing this is, they are on their fitness and health journey completely on their own.

It’s a lifetime journey!

It's so much easier to skip a workout, 8 workouts, a month of workouts when there is no one you have to answer to. Whether it be a workout partner, a coach, accountability partner, anyone.

Having a coach on the journey with you can be the difference in being on that inconsistent roller coaster or not.

These are some benefits of working with an online fitness coach. I hope this provided some information that was helpful and I wish you the best on your journey.

If there’s any areas of your journey that you need help with I would love to lend a hand. Just click and book your FREE consultation and if we are the right fit for each other I’ll make you an offer.

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We really are not exaggerating when I say that I offer the highest quality personal training. I pride myself on the experience that all of my clients have, and that is what has allowed me to grow so quickly and build such an impressive reputation in Sutton Coldfield. Amongst other things, here are some of the top reasons why you’d want to work with me as your Online personal trainer.
I offer a truly state-of-the-art training app in which you can follow your programme anywhere in the world.

  • I have done numerous personal training, strength and conditioning and nutrition courses so I come fully qualified and certified
  • I can offer decades of training and nutritional experience
  • I offer competitive pricing and guaranteed results
  • You can maintain full flexibility over your training schedule
  • You can choose either one-off or long-term contracts
  • I offer a friendly and welcoming environment to all members
  • I’m constantly improving our facilities month after month


OK great! I am currently looking for new clients to support in their fitness goals, and I would love the chance to speak with you more. I generally find that a consultation or phone enquiry is the best way to proceed. That way I can get a much firmer idea of what it is you are looking for from a personal trainer and can then decide if I am the best suited to your goals.

As such, please do give us a call on 07970 815 809. Alternatively, you can book a FREE consultation. I will pick this up as soon as possible and we will be in contact to discuss things further.


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