Online Personal Training for more Flexibility

Every rep, every set professionally coached, with your online personal trainer!

make rapid measurable progress guaranteed

Andrew Regan

After 9 sessions with activeNRG

  • Lean body weight
  • Squat 12Kg – 28Kg (kettlebell)
  • Bench Press 4Kg – 16Kg (Dumbbells)
  • Press 10Kg – 25Kg
  • Deadlift 40Kg – 75Kg

“I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly”


Andrew Regan
Tina lost 3 1/2 stone in our small group training programme

Tina Pratt

After 9 weeks with activeNRG

  • Lean body weight +1.5kg (body fat -6%)
  • Squat 85Kg – 102Kg 
  • Bench Press 20Kg – 37.5Kg
  • Press 15Kg – 32.5Kg
  • Deadlift 60Kg – 115Kg

“I have never felt so committed to my training”

I'm different to the rest of them.

personal training

Online Personal trainers.

  • Workout programme is not coached.
  • Done as a class not a training session.
  • Lack accountability.

I challenge any personal trainer to match my results. 

Prices similar to my personal training.

big gym memberships

Big Box Gym

  • Unsure if your form is correct or safe.
  • Programme copied from a friend or magazine.
  • Frequent setbacks from injury.

I challenge you to get better results.

Prices much less than my personal training.

group fitness classes

HIIT, Bootcamp, crossFit
Group X Classes.

  • Everyone tries to copy the instructor.
  • You’re encouraged not coached.
  • Results plateau fast.

I challenge Les Mills, CrossFit or any class instructor to match my results. 

Prices Less than my group personal training.

Getting stronger improves every aspect of your physical health. It also has a surprisingly positive effect on your mental health too.

As an activeNRG client you will set new personal bests up to three times per week. You will be doing things you didn’t know you were able to, every time you show up to the session.

As you get stronger you will build lean muscle, increase bone density, reduce low-back pain, enhance hormonal profile, and improve your day-to-day existence.

The Most Efficient Way to Get Stronger

  • Join my OPT package, learn the lifts in an Intro Session
  • Attend your first training session 
  • Track weights and measurements in your app logbook
  • Follow your personal trainer for programming and other instructions
  • Get adequate rest and nutrition outside of the session
  • Train up to three days per week max to start
  • Add 10+ pounds of lean mass in 10 weeks*
*Applies to men ages 18-45. Women should expect 5+ pounds of lean mass. Trainees age 45+ will get stronger, but usually not as quickly.