Lesson 2: Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Makeover

Today we will take a good look around your kitchen setup. As well as looking at the quality of the foods in your kitchen, you will be reviewing your time saving food prep appliances and food storage systems. You need to get rid of foods with excessive calories, over processed or that trigger you to overeat. We can then replace these with unprocessed, nutrient dense alternatives.

Topic 1: Get Rid Of Low-Quality Foods

Run an inventory of your kitchen cupboards; be sure to include low-quality foods, canned goods, highly processed items, sauces, dressings, snacks, additives, etc.



I’m not making these foods off limit to you, but if you keep then in stock in the house it is too easy to fall to temptation. If you want them that badly you will need to make a special trip to get them, making you hopefully think twice.

Now put all these none helpful foods into bags; one for the food bank (tinned items etc), one for the tip (short shelf life or opened items).

Topic 2: Appliance And Storage Inventory

Your food prep and storage is about to go on a massive learning curve.

Make sure you have the following:

  • A good set or pots & pans
  • A cooler for carrying pre-made meals
  • A good set of knives
  • A blender or comparable device
  • A pot for tea
  • Shaker bottles for drinks on the go
  • Food storage containers of different sizes for storage and transport (glass if possible)
  • Food scales
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Indoor grill
  • Foil and cling film
  • Zip top food bags

If you are missing any of these items consider adding them to your next shopping list, they may make the difference to your success long term.

Topic 3: Restock Your Kitchen

It’s time to review lesson 1 again. Have you got any super-foods missing? Restock now if you need to. This isn’t an excuse to order a pizza!

Make sure you now organise your fridge and cupboards well it will save you time and effort later.

How to stack your fridge
How to stack your fridge

Topic 4: Basic Cooking

You don’t need to be a five star chef, but basic cooking still will help.

Visit my YouTube Chanel to see my videos on the following topics:

  • Making super shakes
  • Chopping vegetables for the week
  • Grilling and prepping (including seasoning) protein selections for the week
  • Making homemade protein/energy bars
  • The breakfast ritual
  • The Sunday ritual