We Are Different From Everyone Else

Fitness Classes

HIIT, Bootcamps, and Other Group Fitness Classes

  • Everyone does [roughly] the same thing
  • Encouragement and instructions, not coaching
  • Results plateau quickly

I challenge any fitness brand to match or beat my results. Less expensive than a Active NRG group session.

big box gym

Free Weights at a Large Format Commercial Gym

  • Unsure if form is correct or safe
  • Program is generic, not specific to you
  • No chalk, no platforms

Lines for racks during peak hours, poor equipment, no coaching, and no programming. Less expensive than a Active NRG group session.

Personal Training that isn’t Starting Strength

  • Majority are inexperienced, uninformed coaches
  • Ineffective exercises, reps/set schemes, and loads
  • Results plateau quickly

We challenge any personal trainer to beat our results. More expensive than a Active NRG group session.

How it's Different


Today’s fitness industry relies on novelty and complexity instead of producing results. Here it’s simple, hard, and effective. And that’s why it works.

No treadmills, no balls, no yoga mats. Just, everything you need to get strong and nothing more.


Not just supervision in a large class by an poorly qualified “trainer,” you get dedicated coaching and individual programming from a strength and conditioning coach.

Training sessions at Active NRG are capped at 6 trainees for group sessions to facilitate quality coaching.


Mark Reppitoes ‘The Starting Strength Method’ was refined through decades of coaching and millions of hours of refinement, to produce the most effective and efficient strength program in existence.

The best-selling book, Starting Strength, is widely viewed as the authority on strength training.


Other fitness programs rely on how you feel (tired, sore, and sweaty) after your workout. Starting Strength produces results you can measure – week after week, month after month.

If you can squat more today than you could last week, you’re getting stronger.

If your choice of exercises do not enable you to continually lift heavier weights, then your exercises are not improving your strength.

This means that kettlebells, kickboxing, playing with the dumbbells, pilates, yoga, bicycling, jogging, running, swimming, shuffleboard, gardening, balancing on colorful balls while waving chrome weights in the air, treadmilling, elliptical machining, stair-climbing, rock climbing, wood chopping, loading hay on a trailer, snow shoveling, air-squatting, push-upping, and chin-upping, is not strength training.

It may be hard, you may get tired doing it, and it may even make you sore, but it’s not strength training because it cannot make you stronger. Some of these things may require strength, but doing them cannot possibly develop strength since 1) none of them are limited by your absolute strength, and 2) they do not require constantly increasing force production. But all of them benefit from increased strength developed elsewhere.

The Barbell Method is strength training, and since strength benefits everything else, the Barbell Method improves everything else that you can do physically – including every item on the above list.