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The Process of Getting Stronger


“The best way to get strong is to load normal human movements progressively and incrementally, using a full range of motion with increasingly heavy weight, so that the most muscle mass can be used and therefore strengthened with each exercise. It takes about 4 different exercises to accomplish this – the squat, press, deadlift, and bench press.” -Mark Rippetoe


How It Works

No other strength program is as simple or effective



– Squat

– Bench or Press

– Deadlift

Three times per week



– Eat

– Sleep

– Adapt

After your training session



– Train again

– Add weight to the bar

– Track your progress

Repeat the process

The Program

The Barbell Method Program can be broken down into two workout days, Day A and Day B. A total body workout each session.

Day A: squat, overhead press, deadlift

Day B: squat, bench press, deadlift

Ideally you will train three days per week on non-consecutive days (eg. Mon/Wed/Fri, Tue/Thu/Sat, or similar) – alternating between the two workouts each time.

As your strength increases over time, I will modify Days A and B to ensure your continual progress is acheived.

The Progress

Day one, I will help you establish a baseline for you on each of the exercises. Day two (48 hours later), you’ll lift a little more weight than you did on day one.

On day three, the weight on the bar goes up a little more and so process continues. After a few weeks or months, you’ll become stronger than you’ve ever been.

The process is the same for everyone. Only real thing that changes is the weight on the bar. From young and strong to older and weak, the Novice Liner Progression makes everyone stronger.

The Science

We use an “engineering” approach to make your whole body stronger – the application of physiology, arithmetic, logic, analysis, and experience to improve human performance.

All of us, and all biological organisms, respond to the “stress, recovery, adaptation” process. If the right amount of stress is applied and then recovered from, adaptation occurs. The Barbell Method, done three times a week, produces three stress, recovery, adaptation cycles a week.

The Barbell Method is essentially strength engineering.

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