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I get that you might want to experience what it’s like to train with me before you commit further. That’s why I’m offering you a 7 Day Trial Package option. It gives you the chance to meet me and other active NRG clients and it gives me the chance to earn your trust.

You save more than £90 & gain access to all my of services for FREE – here’s what’s included:

FREE Strategy & Motivation Consultation
This short chat helps you determine where you are now so that you have all the important information you need before you even consider committing to training with me or any other gym.

FREE Movement Assessment

I guide you through movement assessment and create an individual flexibility strategies that enable you to prevent injury and feel better, move correctly and perform exercises with great technique.

FREE training program

You'll be ready to go with NOT one but two training programmes.
One for the gym and one for home training.

Online Personal Training

One Week Free Trial  Then

Monthly Subscription FROM £107.33/month

unless cancelled before the second week!