Readiness For Change

Free 7 Day Trail

Try before you bye! Get the full activeNRG experience before you invest in a full membership.

I get that you might want to experience what it’s like to train with me before you commit further. That’s why I’m offering you a 7 Day Trial Package option. It gives you the chance to meet me and other active NRG clients and it gives me the chance to earn your trust.

You save more than £90 & gain access to all my of services for FREE – here’s what’s included:

Complimentary Strategy & Motivation Consultation

This short chat helps you determine where you are now so that you have all the important information you need before you even consider committing to training with me or any other gym.

Complimentary Movement Assessment

I guide you through movement assessment and create an individual flexibility strategies that enable you to prevent injury and feel better, move correctly and perform exercises with great technique.

Personalised training program design

You will have a customised program to your individual needs.

One-to-One & Semi-Private Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Sessions

Immediate access to top-class training & coaching.

Benefit from 1 Nutrition Coaching session, 2 One-to-One Personal Training sessions &  3 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions.

Unlimited ongoing gym coaching

You will never be left not knowing what to do. I focus on fostering an environment where everyone is part of the active NRG community. Everyone works hard but everyone works together. I am proud of active NRG’s welcoming and inclusive training culture.

Personalised nutrition & lifestyle advice

active NRG’s simple three-stage system will help you eat in the way that’s most effective for you. I’ll create for you an exercise and eating plan that don’t require you to devote your entire life to the gym. As well as using my expertise to act as your fitness filter, so you’re only given advice that works and ensures you get always get results; both in the gym and out of it.

If I don’t convince you during your 7 Day Trial Package that this is the best training for you in Sutton Coldfield, walk away with no obligation whatsoever.

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