the Barbell Method

I help people get stronger so they can participate actively in the whole of their life.

None of us are getting any younger. That doesn't mean we can't age better.

Let me tell you my story.

When I was at school I wasn’t but sporty but I was pretty strong. That gave me the confidence to get onto the rugby team, in the scrum, and the social expectants of being on a sports team.

I then went on to join the Royal Air Force I wasn’t big but I was strong I started to toy with bodybuilding and got bigger and stronger. This got me respect from my superiors and peers!

When I left the RAF to become a personal trainer I need a form of training  that didn’t take up all my life as bodybuilding had. I turned to strength training. This not only maintained a reasonably sporting physique (helpful as a personal trainer) but freed up my time to do other things, improve my mood and again give me respect and acceptance from my peers.

I had also had pain in my back and knees, for years, which was soon gone with this form of training.

Strength training is now my go to stress buster, as well. More importantly I find when I share my knowledge of strength my clients, they get similar, if not better results than I did. 



The barbell method is a combination of prescriptive strength training combined with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Conditioning work.

I choice this combination due to its effects on all the individual markers of sick ageing. Those being:

Poor Body Composition (Too much fat or not enough muscle, resulting in a decline in general health)

Increase Risk of Inflammatory  Diseases (Diabetics, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol)

Loss of Strength (and independence when you can't get yourself out of a chair and self-esteem with it)

Reduced Flexibility (further loss of independence due to inability to dress yourself)

Inadequate Cardiovascular Endurance (unable to play or meaningfully interact with the grand children)

While indeed cardiovascular training deals with the first and last of these, it not only fails to improve flexibility and strength it actively reduces both of them. Even body composition change is only fat loss and no increase in lean muscle. 

A prescriptive strength training programme on the other hand has a positive effect on all these factors, even some positive effect on cardiovascular endurance.  Add to this HIIT Training and all factors are well covered.

So why a barbell?

Simply put, the barbell is the single most effective and versatile tool for improving strength throughout the whole body,
bar none!

And strength is the primary base of all human movement.

And Now It's Your Turn!

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