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* Military Grade *

Strength Training

*Established 1997*
My Story

My military carrier started in the 80’s. So I was fortunate to experience an extended period of peace, with the exception of Northern Ireland.

My 12 year carrier saw me in a number of roles, ranging from mech inf, artillery, support weapons to drill & ceremonial.

As you can imagine humping 5,000 rounds of link and personal kit pays it toll on backs and knees, though I have no complaints. It’s the path I choice.    

So, my resettlement was a personal training coarse with premier (ran by an ex PTI officer), back in 97.

While I learn’t a lot from the program, it wasn’t until working on myself and a few old comrades I figured what I really wanted to do with this new set of skills.

I would love to give you the secrect to strength training for free but I can’t for two reasons. One – You simply wouldn’t value it! Two – It would piss the wife off as she wants my money! LOL. 

Simon, 38

After 12 Weeks with Active NRG personal training

Squat: 60 Kg -120 kg
Bench: 30 Kg – 80 Kg
Press: 20 Kg – 50 Kg
Deadlift: 60 Kg – 140 Kg
“My confidence is better than it has been for years.”

Wendy, 56

After 12 Weeks with Active NRG personal training

Squat: 10Kg – 30 Kg
Bench: 7.5 Kg – 20 Kg
Press: 5 Kg – 15 Kg
Deadlift: 10Kg – 40Kg
“If you want to preserve your function as you get older, you have to do strength training.”


Andrew, 64

After 12 Weeks with Active NRG personal training

Squat: 35Kg Leg Press – 35Kg Front Squat
Bench: 15Kg – 50 Kg
Press: 12.5 Kg – 22.5 Kg
Deadlift: 40 Kg – 80 Kg
“Training with Rick was always a possitive experience.”

Andrew Regan


Find Out More About How To Get Strong

What Is The Barbell Method?

A Whole-Body Strength Training Program

The most effective and efficient strength training program in existence, the Starting Strength Method produces the fastest results for those that want to get stronger. Combined with habit based Precision Nutrition coaching.

Learn More

Small Group Personal Training/ Group Strength Training

How Does It Work?

You Lift and You Add Weight Each Session

Come in to the gym and perform three barbell exercises, three times a week, adding a little bit of weight each time. After a few months, you’ll become stronger than you’ve ever been.

Learn More

home barbell routine

Who Is It For?

Anyone and Everyone

The Barbell Method is for anyone and everyone. It is the most effective use of time in the gym, for those who have never exercised before to regular gym-goers looking to break through plateaus. 

Learn More

What Makes It Different?

Measurable Results

No treadmills, no bosu balls, no yoga mats. No unqualified “trainers” and no ineffective body part exercises. You get offer dedicated coaching to ensure everyone makes rapid, sustainable progress.

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My Premium Services


form £15/session

ONLINE COACHING Online Personal Training form £15/session

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