* Military Grade *

Strength & Conditioning

low bar squat

Military Grade Strength & Conditioning

I hope if you’re here we share some common ground. A respect for all our brothers in arms. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh faced recruit, old sweat or a vet. I have something for you!

Strength is the Key To Military Fitness

Strength enables movement, with it everything becomes easier:

  • Strength increases speed.
  • Strength increases endurance.
  • Strength increases recovery.


Recruits and Sweats

  • Better scores on fitness tests.
  • Tabbing made easy.
  • Reach your objective fit to fight.
  • Survive battle field traumas better.

Veterans i'm here to help.

If your in active pain though back and joint pain caused by humping heavy kit over you military carrier and your joints can’t handle pounding the tarmac anymore, my program could be perfect for you!

*Established 1997*
My Story

My military career started in the 80’s, so I was fortunate to experience an extended period of peace, with the exception of Northern Ireland.

My 12 year career saw me in a number of roles, ranging from mech inf, artillery, support weapons to drill & ceremonial.

As you can imagine humping 5,000 rounds of link and personal kit pays it toll on backs and knees, though I have no complaints. It’s the path we chose. 

My resettlement was a personal training course with premier (ran by an ex PTI officer), back in 97.

While I learnt a lot from the programme, it wasn’t until working on myself and a few old comrades, I figured what I really wanted to do with this new set of skills.


If you are running, you are using a small percentage of the effort required to perform a squat. If you then increase the amount you can lift in the squat, the percentage of effort used to run comes down. So you can now run faster, further or easier. Or maybe all 3 at once!