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90 Days of Strength Band Training Method

Do The Complete Strength Band Training Method Programme for just £127 for 12 weeks

Just follow the preloaded app with you strength band training programme & nutrition for 90 days.
Get Stronger Fitter & Healthier or your money back.

Everything you need in one place

If you really want to get in the best condition of your life put strength first, because everything else relies on it!

  • Muscle health
  • Bone Health
  • Hormonal Health
  • Confidence
  • Even cardiovascular health are improved with strength training
And it’s all here…
  • Your optimised over 60s training programme
  • Exercise Videos
  • Nutritional advice
  • Accountability
the strength band row

App Home

See whats new and upcomming. Get messages see your forms and paper work.


Tasks to complete that day including schedules workouts and habits to do and tick off.


Your strength band training programmes for you to follow. so you can view whats coming up, your progress of change the programme you what to do that day.


Upload and compair your  progress photos. Log your adherence, update the food diary, track your results and habits.


View videos, PDFs, spreadsheets and text documents aimed to get you the best possible results.

Mandy Dawn Boss *****

“I have been training for around a year now, I really enjoy the work outs, they are very invigorating and varied. I am definitely seeing

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Start The Full 90 day Strength Band Training Method Programme Today

1st Training Session Starts The Monday After you sign Up.

Not Sure If Its What you Need?

I get it you have probably pick up a lot of misinformation from other personal trainers and magazines. Take 5 days to learn the facts about strength and fitness with my 5 day video series. I promise it will open your eyes!