3 Stage Precision Nutrition System

The 3 stage nutrition system really is simple. Simply complete the questionnaire and I put you on the right starting point for you to get the best out of the programme.

Stage I

So at this level its all about education or re-education to be more precise. Far too many of us have grown up around a government support campaign of misinformation. How much of this was ignorance on their part and how much was conspiracy or “sustainability” is not my point, it was still BAD information.

If any of you recall the original food pyramid it had sedate people eating between 7-11 servings of starchy carbohydrate like pasta and bread. It suggested eating unprocessed food in the small print. But no line drawn to show what is processed and is not . For example ALL PASTA even the wholemeal stuff is processed, same with bread.

Stage II

Now that re-education complete or your nutrition knowledge is up to date on the basics. It’s time to implement some habits that can avoid you falling in to the diet trap.

Firstly you start with the easiest habit for you, I’ll switch bad habit for good, one by one. Then re-enforcing the good habits by using the same trigger that drove the bad ones.

Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1

Stage III

So here habits are in place we can fine tune your macros and micros. This level isn’t for everyone and most will never need to go this far. But if you decide to enter physique competitions or get in the best shape of your life, this is where you need to go.