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Rapid weight loss results

Exercise for rapid weight loss

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First and foremost, why are you after rapid weight loss? If it’s for an event or special occasion that’s fine. However, if it’s because you unhappy with your body long term I advise you to think again. Rapid weight loss normally results in equally rapid weight gain shortly after, especially if not well managed.

So presuming you still want rapid weight loss you should approach this from two directions; nutrition and exercise. The goal is to create a calorie deficit of between 500 and 1000 calories per day without your body shutting down to save them. The greater the calorie deficit the shorter the diet plan should be. There are many strategies her so find the best for you, but remember its SHORT term not a forever diet. Smaller meals, intermittent fasting, 5 : 2 diet can all work well for some but not others.

Ideally prior to starting a rapid fat loss programme your dietary habits should already be fairly good. If not I’d caution against this kind of dieting and suggest you clean things up before considering going further with it.

Next lets look at the exercise side of rapid weight loss. If your brand new to exercise anything will work due to the novice effect, this doesn’t mean what you are doing is the best thing however. Unfortunately nearly all so called scientific studies are performed on individuals that fit in this novice category, this has in my opinion blotted many a study result.

So what are the best exercises for rapid weight loss?

Simply put the more muscle you can use to perform a movement the more calories that will be burnt. The more intense the exercise the longer your body will continue to burn calories, to recover, after the exercise has finished.

So if the aim is move more muscle under higher intensity the best way is to use the big compound lifts (Squats, presses and deadlifts) to stimulate as many muscles at once while using enough weight that creates an intensity overload on your body so it has to recover and get stronger. With weight rapid loss being the goal minimizing muscle size gain (hypertrophy) requires low reps rather than high reps. Traditional weight training done with reps higher than 6 or 7 result in muscle size gain due to not only strengthened fibers but increases water retention within the muscle belly. Doing sets of 3 to 5 reps however limit the increases hydration due to the energy systems in use during the lifts.

For maximized calories burn from each session, a condition element can be added at the end of the lifts once a degree of strength increase has been achieved. Adding conditioning such as cardio, HIIT or Tabata too soon will slow results if you are unable to recover for your next training session. Talking of recover if you can allow at least 48 hrs recovery time between sessions. So your weight rapid loss programme may look like this:

Monday: AM strength training, PM conditioning or AM or PM strength training and conditioning.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: AM strength training, PM conditioning AM or PM strength training and conditioning.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: AM strength training, PM conditioning AM or PM strength training and conditioning.

Saturday: active recovery (yoga, palates, swim)

Sunday: Rest

food strategy

Couple with a food strategy that insures you recover well from training. For the above programme it could look like this:

Monday: Normal eating.

Tuesday: Intermittent fast (skip lunch, save 300-500 Kcal)

Wednesday: Normal eating.

Thursday: Intermittent fast (skip lunch, save 300-500 Kcal )

Friday: Normal eating.

Saturday: Intermittent fast (skip breakfast, save 300-500 Kcal )

Sunday: Intermittent fast (skip breakfast, save 300-500 Kcal )


Monday: Reduced portions for two meals, save 250 Kcal.

Tuesday: Reduced portions for all meals, save 750 Kcal.

Wednesday: Reduced portions for two meals, save 250 Kcal.

Thursday: Reduced portions for all meals, save 750 Kcal.

Friday: Reduced portions for two meals, save 250 Kcal.

Saturday: Reduced portions for one meals, save 150 Kcal.

Sunday: Refeed day, increase by 250 – 500 Kcal.

Remember recovery is key if you’re not recovering add calories back in from protein first.

This type of rapid weight loss programme will get you results for two to four weeks, after which your body will start to adapt to it and expend less calories so slowing you rapid weight loss to a trickle. Most people then give up and reverse the results they have got by simply going back to what they did before. When you do come off this type of programme you should reverse the nutrition one step at a time over a week or two. For example you could do one or to less days of intermittent fasting, or add another refeed day each week till your return to a more normal diet all be it more healthy and possibly less calorific if you wanted to maintain some of the weight loss.