Sutton Royals Netball Club 18-19

Sutton Royals NC did their last fitness session before their summer break tonight. So I tried to give them something they could take away with them.

Not sweets though!

Instead I produced a routine that used minimal kit they could do to keep fit over the summer break, and here it is:

5 groups of 3 exercises done back to back for 45 seconds each then rest for 1 minute and repeat.

1st Combo

Squat Curl and Press
Press Ups
Lying Triceps Extensions

Rest 1 min repeat once

2nd Combo

Reverse Lunge with opposite rotation
Shoulder Press

Rest 1 min repeat once

3rd Combo

RDL (Romanian Deadlift)
Bridge to Pull Over
Narrow Press Ups

Rest 1 min repeat once

4th Combo

Wide Squat
Foot Fire
Prone Cobra

Rest 1 min repeat once

Last Combo

Mountain Climbers

Rest 1 min repeat once

The routine takes about 35 minutes to complete and done once or twice a week will bring you back fresh but fit for the new season.

Weights can be replaced with filled water or pop bottles (1 ltr of water is equal to 1 kg). Under 10’s use 2 – 4 Kg, 10 to 16 try 4 – 8 Kg and adults give 8 – 12 Kg a go.

Enjoy girls! It’s been great working with you all as your Strength and Conditioning Coach over the year.

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