Sunday Rytual Food prep

The Sunday Ritual

With the Sunday Ritual we set aside three hours or so every Sunday (any day will do) to write out a menu for the week, shop for the week, and prep meals for the week. This doesn’t need to be a finicky, obsessive compulsive affair. The idea is to simply make the rest of the week easier by doing a little prep work in advance. The ritual day should look as follows:

  1. Sit yourself down and come up with your meal plan, meal ideas or needs for the week.
  2. Once you have a plan, calculate roughly how much of each food you’ll need for the week and generate a shopping list.
  3. Go shopping! Use the shopping list and avoid impulse buys.
  4. Time to start cooking. You may want to prep everything for the week, including shakes, or you may prefer to only prep the things that take a bit of time to do, or are for busy times of day.
  5. Cook the meat/beans, chop the vegetable, and distribute the supplements as necessary. Have them ready to grab and take with you in the morning, so you’re ready whatever the boss throws at you.

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