custom order at restaurant

Choose Custom Meals

Restaurants will design their meals based on typical customer expectations. However you need to avoid the trap of eating “typical” meals. So, instead of the carbohydrate heavy, sauce-laden, or no-vegetable fare, you should look for meals that are compliant with your meal plan and current habits. Most restaurants now offer such meals.

You don’t need to order exactly what is on the menu. You will probably need to increase your protein portion, decrease your carbohydrate, and double the veg. If there is nothing on the regular menu improvise or don’t use that restaurant again.

Finally, it’s important to ask exactly what you’re getting. Many restaurant meals contain breading, sauces, and/or high sugar additives. These can really drive up the calorie cost of restaurant meals. However, asking for them to be removed or substituted is a great way to avoid restaurant sabotage.

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