read this before you eat out.

Eating Out Guide

Before you leave for or even book a restaurant:

  • Check out the menu online.
  • Look or ask if a ‘gluten free’ menu is available if you are gluten sensitive.
  • Drink 8oz of water before you leave home.
  • Eat something light before you go like a protein shake so that you are not starving when you get there!

Ordering at the Restaurant:

  • Always order sauce on the side
  • Choose a protein with 2 vegetables and a healthy fat
  • Stay away from bread
  • Change it up – if meat over pasta, ask for the same but over salad instead.
  • Add extra vegetables
  • If you are going to have a desert, share it with a friend
  • Ask for a starter portion instead of full
  • For breakfast, instead of potatoes, ask for sliced tomatoes or fruit
  • When you stop feeling hungry stop eating
  • Eat slowly take to your friends
  • Be the first to order not the last (set the trend of healthy choices, don’t follow the bad ones)
  • When everyone else has desert ask if they have a cheese board instead.

More Tips:

  • You can ask for steamed vegetables as a side (no butter)
  • You can order a grilled meats dry
  • Ask for a lettuce wrap instead of bread or a bun

Food Exchanges

  • Spaghetti -> Spaghetti squash or other veggies
  • Chips -> Baked sweet potato chips or beet chips or kale chips
  • Fries -> Baked sweet potato or other potato
  • Rice -> Quinoa
  • Mashed potatoes -> Veggies
  • Pizza Crust -> Gluten free thin crust
  • Baking with flour -> Almond flour or coconut flour
  • Salt -> lemon juice or other dry seasonings
  • Milk/Dairy -> Avoid
  • Potatoes at breakfast -> Sliced tomatoes
  • Bread -> Lettuce wrap
  • Mayonnaise -> Mustard
  • Sugar -> Stevia
  • Sour cream -> Smaller serving on the side
  • Toast -> Wheat toast dry
  • Croutons -> Nuts
  • Bowl of ice cream -> Small Bowl of frozen fruit

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