TGI Friday

Thank God it’s Friday! We often hear this said on Fridays at the end of each week signaling the beginning of the weekend and some much needed rest. Unfortunately for most, it’s a time for them to undo all their progress form the week. The “let loose” attitude reigns supreme causing us to temporarily lose our minds and forget all that we know or learned during the week. I’m sure this doesn’t happen to everyone but many fall to this ideology. “I worked hard for this weekend time to unwind and do what I want.” As a coach, I see this all to often. It’s very frustrating for us although we don’t agree to relax time over the weekend.

Some points to think about:

  • It’s not wise to undo our entire week
  • It’s not really smart to think that we can ever take any amount of time to forget simple truths about our health
  • Relaxing after a hard week’s work does not necessarily mean over eating and over drinking
  • We can never relax from taking care of ourselves or personal responsibility
  • We can never relax from having pride in ourselves and our health

If we go overboard on our weekends then it becomes OMGIM. Oh My God its Monday. Do you hate Mondays or do you love Mondays? Is it because you blew your weekend yet again? Are you still happy? Was it worth it? Does this sound familiar:

  • I hate Mondays
  • A little depression on Mondays
  • Why do I always do this?
  • I’m never going to change
  • That dam coach is going to make us weigh in (with anxiety)
  • You feel lost and have the urge to quit

Remember Fridays are a great! Weekends are great!! You most likely have earned it! It is a time to relax and get ready for the next week! So, be thankful it is Friday but try and take a weekend to say no to overindulging. Treat yourself better than that and take some pride in yourself. Be successful.

Say to yourself…TGIM, Thank God its Monday because I’m ready to take on the week!!

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