Life’s Greatest Gift

As I thought about the reality of having twins all day, it occurred to me the great blessing of life. Life is an amazing thing now matter how you look at it or what your individual circumstances may be. Obviously, with life as everyone’s greatest gift, you can’t ignore one simple yet completely incredible fact.


The main tool we use to operate and navigate this life is our body. YES, YOUR BODY!! Yet, when we are ill, or unhealthy in some way, overweight or obese we blame life. We say life is bad. The reality is…we abused our main tool. I know that there are extenuating circumstances involving why these things occur but 90% of the time, we are to blame.

It is a result of us abusing our bodies in some way. It is a loss of self-control.


Some interesting facts: (generally speaking)


  • We DETAIL our vehicles yet our bodies are full of dirty foods and drinks.
  • We buy our animals organic food and only allow them the minimal, yet we eat processed junk food until we are stuffed.
  • We manicure our lawns while our bodies are overgrown wastelands.
  • We satisfy our every whim while our bodies pay the price.


And we know we are doing it when we do it. Don’t you agree that your life is nothing without your body? Would not life be better if our health was better?


So when you have a decision to make regarding your health, think about how you want to live your life and what is REALLY the most important. As great as yummy food is, it’s not the center of your life. YOU are the center of your life, not in a selfish way but without a healthy you, how are you good for anyone or anything else?


Today’s Mantra:


  • Be Brave
  • Be above average
  • Be Accountable
  • Take a stand
  • Stay positive
  • Stay focused
  • Live your dreams
  • You are worth it!

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