Be A Lion, Not a Zebra

The Lion is a consistent image used to depict strength. You may have heard the story of the Lion and the Coliseum or about the concept of “Into The Roar,” but lions have other lessons to teach us as well. This week at you will get 5 lessons from the lion starting with today. Use these and all the lessons from the animals this month to take your body, mind and spirit to the next level.

Besides the obvious physical differences between lions and zebras, there’s a key psychological difference as well.

Lions know they have to be faster and stronger than their prey to survive. They must strive to be better and perfect their hunting skills. Each day they have to continue to improve.

Zebras just need to be faster than the next guy. They just need to ensure that there’s at least one more zebra in the herd who is slower than them. So, they are ok to hang at the back of the pack as long as they are not last.

Do you aim to be great at what you do, perfecting your skills and focusing on your goals? Or do you just try to fit in, trying not to be noticed and being satisfied with mediocrity as long as there’s someone else in the herd who’s worse? We want you to be like the lion: aiming for constant improvement in your health and life.

Take this week to write down your Choose One/Lose One goal and make it stick this month. This is your opportunity to get better.

Thankfully, there is little physical reason why you can’t be a lion. You don’t need big teeth or sharp claws.

It’s all in your head and how you view the world. Are you a zebra or a lion?

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