australian Coat of Arms the kangaroo and the emu

What About The Kangaroo and the Emu?

Perhaps the animal story today will explain why the Aussies are so good at taking things forward.

The  prominent feature on the Australian Coat of Arms are two of Australia’s most iconic animals, the kangaroo and emu, leading to a common trivia question, why them and not other classically featured Australian animals like the koala, wombat or echidna?

It’s commonly believed that the reason they were picked to go on the Coat of Arms is because, neither the Kangaroo and Emu are able to walk backwards, signifying Australia’s aspiration and intent as a nation to always move forwards.

Imagine if you were only capable of taking forward steps with your eyes firmly fixed on the future?

Imagine if you left the past in the past, refusing to let it negatively impact your present or future?

Imagine if you remembered that the solutions of the yesterday wouldn’t overcome the challenges of today, requiring new ideas, innovations and creativity?

Imagine if, step by step (or hop by hop if you’re a kangaroo), you moved boldly towards your goals?

Perhaps the kangaroo and emu could be borrowed from the Australian Coat of Arms to become mascots of forward thinking, bold steps and continuous improvement.

Whatever animal you like, be ready to keep moving forward.

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