Do you diet?

Diets teach you:

How to deprive yourself, How to go hungry, How to lack nutrition, How to fail, How to trick yourself and your body, BAD Habits.

At least once per day someone ask us to write someone a diet. The interesting thing is that there is much more to the question then you think. Just FYI, we all struggle with eating. Every single one of us wants to eat yummy food that is probably not good for us daily. The struggle is real as we often say as a joke but it is. So what’s the difference? Some of us actually do and some of us don’t.

We all know when some food is good for you and bad for you, its obvious. Maybe you don’t know all the nutrient ratios and calories contained in food but we are not that ignorant.


Fast food-bad

Trans fats-bad


Processed food-bad


Chicken breast-good


Grilled fish-good



Brown rice-good


You see my point. So, what is the difference? HABITS

Some of us have developed good habits with eating and some of us haven’t.

Some of us have developed knowledge of food choices and some not.

Some of us have developed self-control, some don’t have it.

Some of us have developed discipline and some us want what we want when we want it.

How do the successful lean, strong, fit, healthy people do it?

They learn through experience. This is the goal of my food journaling system.

It teaches:

  1. Principles of healthy eating
  2. Portion control
  3. Food selection
  4. Frequency of eating
  5. Accountability
  6. How much to indulge properly
  7. Good habits

Diets teach you:

  1. How to deprive yourself
  2. How to go hungry
  3. How to lack nutrition
  4. How to fail
  5. How to trick yourself and your body
  6. BAD Habits

This is why I do not write diets on a regular basis. You have to learn this information for yourself to succeed long term. It is non-negotiable. I’ll give you the tools and the support.

The question you should always ask yourself: Am I feeding my mind or my body?

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