Do You Believe?

What I would say that most people don’t believe in themselves. I know I was there once in my life where fear paralyzed me and I sometimes still harbor some fear deep down.

Anyone that knows me knows that the path of life that I chose wasn’t always the best. I can say with certainty though, it was a path that changed me forever.

It gave me two options: believe in myself or believe the lies I told myself or the lies others led me to believe about myself. I chose to believe in myself. It required more of me than I knew.

I decided to pray and ask God “is this all I am capable of?” Of course you know His answer and everything changed. I begin to challenge myself on a daily basis leaving fear behind. Today I have accomplished more than I ever would have imagined for myself with the list still growing.

The only difference is that I CHOOSE to believe in my abilities and move forward no matter what the path had in store for me. I could make anything happen if I put my mind and heart to it.

You can do the same. You have all the ability you need. You have all the strength you need. You have all the determination you need. You have all the discipline you need.

Here is the caveat: it will require you to work hard, be uncomfortable and face your fears. You have to want it bad.

I want to encourage you to go for it. There is nothing more important. Challenge yourself to your full potential, I think you will be quite surprised and what you will find.

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