What’s More Valuable

At some point in time we have to take a look deep within ourselves and ask this question, “What do I really want for myself.” I think that if you were honest, your answer might surprise you.

Honesty is always the best policy but rarely ever used, especially with ourselves.

What do I mean? Here is my best guess considering the 1000’s of people I’ve coached and consulted over the years. Here is what people want…

  • I would like to be skinnier
  • I would like to be fit
  • I want to be strong
  • I want to gain muscle
  • I would like to have more energy
  • I would like to sleep better
  • I would like to wear certain clothes
  • I would like my spouse to see me differently
  • I used to weigh this when I got married
  • I want more discipline
  • I want to be healthy
  • I want out of this mental and physical bondage

This sounds pretty darn valuable to me. This comes from the depths of people’s souls. This is the truth.

Here is what I witness:

  • I’m going to start Monday
  • I’ve done good for a couple of days so let me relax
  • I’ve made it till Thursday
  • I lost 3lbs this week since Monday
  • Friday is the weekend, I need to treat myself
  • My friends are going out to eat
  • I have a party to go to
  • I have to treat myself (since it’s been an antagonizing 4 days since you last splurged)
  • Since I screwed up on Friday, I’ll just do Saturday too
  • I need a drink,
  • Then another, then another
  • Well crap, might as well not worry about Sunday, it’s too late
  • Now I am mad at myself
  • I’ll start back Monday
  • I QUIT, I can’t do this, I’m not losing any weight.
  • I’m overweight
  • I sabotage myself.

Is this you? So what is valuable to you? Your social life is more valuable. You can still live and be social without eating and drinking yourself literally to death.

Just FYI, you are more valuable.  I would bet my life that the first option is what would really make you happy. It’s your decision.

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