Are you broken?

The first step to change is to recognize that something is not like it should be. Change creates change.

As I encounter individuals on a daily basis here at the gym, the common denominator is losing weight or gaining weight and getting muscular like the guys and girls in magazines. Well…guess what, neither are easy or normal. What you see is takes a lot of work and dedication to something that most people are not really interested in. It’s like wanting a yacht and actually owning one and knowing what it takes to do so.

What’s the point? In order to understand what you need to succeed, you have to know that something is missing. No matter what stage of life you are in, what you want is usually quite different from where you are in life.  It’s that chilling fact that I am NOT doing what I know I should be doing or I am doing something I know I should quit. This is common sense you say but interestingly enough, the mass of people that secretly wish to look and feel good are doing everything opposite of what they want and are rarely doing anything to move toward their goal. Something is broken and until we recognize this, the change needed is not likely to happen.

So… are you broken? Brokenness is not a bad thing; we are all broken in some way. It just means that it is not in good working order. Knowing this is a monumental step to change and necessary to reach any goal in life. If you deny that something is broke, then why would you change it? What good reason would you have to fix it?

If your goal is to lose weight and you deny the fact that you don’t exercise enough and eat bad on regular basis, losing weight will be a battle you will not win. It becomes a vicious cycle of bad habits that you have somehow justified as good or even worse, you have fallen into complete despair.

The first step to change is to recognize that something is not like it should be. Change creates change.

It’s very difficult.

Find a support group.

It takes discipline.

Know that you can do anything you want to.

All the ability you need is found within.

You’ve got this.

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