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How it All Began

Although I’ve been a personal trainer and now an online coach for over 20 years, I started back in 1997, fitness has not always been my carrier.

Before personal training

After school the only thing I wanted to do was join up. So I did, and spent 12 1/2 years serving queen and country. So when the time came for me to leave I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Lots of lads leaving where doing HGV driver qualifications, but I didn’t fancy sitting in a cab 8 hours a day, or an office for that matter. I had done a fitness coarse while in Cyprus, I was in to bodybuilding at the time, and was helping some of the lads with training programmes. With that in the back of my mind I decided to see what I could do down that avenue.

My first fitness roles

My first fitness job was with a council gym the size of a squash court. I stuck that out for a year until I heard of a David Lloyd club opening near by. Once in the door I shot up the ranks going from fitness instructor to senior instructor with in 6 months then duty manager and a stint as fitness manager the following years. My personal training was building slowly in the background.

The start of my fitness business

Then in 2006 an opportunity appeared for work outside the club. Working with 5 schools in the centre of Birmingham providing a breakfast club wake up and shake up service. This is when I formed active NRG.

Expanding my offering I then also provided home personal training, small group training with David Lloyd and summer bootcamps. While still working as a fitness instructor/personal trainer at DL.

I regularly completing training with NASM, a high respected training provider with the fitness industry, during my time at David Lloyd to widen my expertise.

Things a DL changed when they downgraded the club I worked at. This led me to seek a new venue to base my business. I tried a golf club for a while but it lacked facilities for my type of business. I found a home with Lifestyle fitness PT for a while a became team leader at a number of there clubs before they became part of theGYM, where I am today. In my time at Lifestyle Fitness PT I was lucky enough to receive mentoring from the then CEO Andy McGlynn. This propelled my business forward while helping other PT’s build their own business. The role of mentor felt comfortable on me so influencing the decision to take myself online.

Current position

active NRG now offers a full rage of fitness services aimed predominantly at adults over 40, but I’m still willing to take on the younger market if I believe I’m able to help them.

My core values are effort and loyalty, these are reflected in my loyalty to my clients, as without them I have no business.

My exercise philosophy is that of strength as a base to health and longevity. Strength training also forms the foundation of anybody’s athletic ability however old they may be.