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How To Reverse Sick Ageing For Older Adults, Without Drugs Or Magic

Get to grip with the most effective way to boast confidence and feel younger in just 12 days

Are You Over 40 and Ageing Too Fast?

“Before training with Riccardo I would only ever do cardio. I had dieted down but was told by family and friends, I looked sick. So the weight crept back up. After I started with Riccardo the weight went again but this time I looked and felt a whole load better, the gauntness had gone.”

Mandy Boss

You’ve worked hard for your family most of your life, it's time to do something for YOU.

10 years ago the world was your oyster, not now.

Do you back and joints ache? Get out of breath walking up stairs. Maybe even the doctor says you’re in no fit shape, blood pressure, cholesterol, inflamed joints. You’re a mess!

You've tried running, only lasted 20 meters; diets but social commitments stood in the way. 

Look it’s not your fault!

Sick ageing is a problem for millions of people around the world. Science expects us to decline as we age and just except it.

But you’re like me, not ready to go gracefully into a declining spiral of inflammation, pain and frailty.

For those how can push themselves, with the right guidance, there is a solution. 


Imagine though, what it would be like to still be fit and independent going into your 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  You could still play with the grandchildren when they come round. Also, How would it feel to know yours was the 'good example' that you future generations follow, because they will follow it, good or bad.

Using over 23 years of experience as a qualified personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach and nutritionist I’ve helped 1000’s of people just like you to overcome sick ageing with my Barbell Method.

Benefit of the Barbell Method...


Get on with life unhindered.


Get rid of unhealthy visceral (abdominal) fat.


So you can reduce or get off some of your medications.


Prevent serious injuries like brakes and sprains.


Making everything feel that bit easier, and more enjoyable.


Stop the rot!
Live life on your terms.

The 12 Day Barbell Method Training Programme

2 training sessions alternated. 3 easy to learn exercise in each.

The Barbell Method Nutrition Coaching

Short video and spinets designed to fit easily into your busy life. Helping create a healthier environment for your body.

The Barbell Method Members Area

As a member you’ll receive 14 days access to our private members area once the programme launches. Your program plus all coaching, training and progress tracking will live here.

The Barbell Method Mobile App

Have access to your trainings, coaching, accountability and more in your pocket.

Lifetime Access to the Member Only Facebook Group

Meet other Barbell Methodists and join the community plus we host live Q&A’s and give our bonus content.

And just to sweeten the deal, when you sign up to the The Barbell Method you will receive FREE 40 minute zoom coaching session on starting the program to do your first workout with you live, ensuring you’re getting the best out of the programme. Worth £45.oo


Don’t delay, I can only take on 50 new clients at a time, once these slots are filled, you’ll miss the opportunity to finally put an end to the downward spiral you been in all these years.

TRY IT RISK FREE: If your follow the system and don’t start getting results within 30 days then receive a full 100% refund.