Ok so there are plenty of blogs on what to eat! This blog is about what not to do in nutrition for over 40s.  I want to look at this from a more holistic route than just what is on your plate.

What Not to do in Nutrition Choices for Over 40s

DON’T wing it, preparation is the key here. Have your weeks eating planned out and stick to it. Planning your week ahead of time, maybe on a Sunday when you have more time spare, will help keep you on course.

What Not to do in Nutrition

Shopping for Over 40s

DON’T go shopping hungry, supermarkets are savvy marketers, high calories snacks are positioned to get your eye, if you’re hungry you’re much more likely to succumb to temptation.

DO NOT bye biscuits and crisps to keep in the house. I’m not saying you can never have them again, but if you stockpile them you will succumb to temptation. Sooner than later. If you really can’t resist the urge you then need to make a special journey to get them from the shop.

What Not to do in Nutrition

Preparation for Over 40s

DO NOT leave all your food prep to just before meal time. If you do you will probably end up going for an easy, less healthy option.

Instead, buy, prep and cook in bulk! Half of your fresh veg can be chopped and bagged placed in the fridge, to be used over the first half of the week. Then repeat for the second half. Chopping chicken into thin strip will half the cooking time. You can just chuck it in a pan with some peppers, onion and seasoning for some really tasty fajitas.


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