i-coach is an app and cloud based personal training system that delivers guaranteed results over a broad spectrum of training goals. So whatever health and fitness goal i-coach is the perfect solution for you!

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Why i-coach?

Why not just use a local personal trainer? Well you could! But often using a local personal trainer means the nearest on  to you, not the best one for you. They may lack experience or specialist skills in your field, or they may have the skill set but are unavailable when you want to train.

With i-coach you don't have any of these problems as all programmes are designed by a very experienced personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach often with first hand experience in what you are trying to achieve. You train when you want because i-coach is always available.

To ensure you get the best programme for you, you can select from the four categories below. And don't worry you can change categorie at any time.
Sport Specific
Physique Training
Health Improvement

Weight Loss