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Nick Snowdon – Client of The Month July 2015- testimonial

July Client of The Month – Success Story

And here is Nick’s success story:

Well done to Nick Snowdon, who, despite constant back pain, has turned up to every session. Nick has gained weight on the programme but lost lots of fat (10lbs), which is great news as the new lean muscle he has gained will help drive his fat level further down.

“The best thing about the program is the feeling afterwards. It’s hard work, it hurts for a while afterwards but then an hour late you feel fantastic!

If you’re wondering weather to give it ago? Definitely, definitely do it! I said to Riccardo I wasn’t that motivated, I knew I wanted to do it I knew I needed to do it. If I joined a gym or something I just wouldn’t go.

The great thing about Riccardo is you look forward to it!”

Nick Snowdon


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