I’ve been getting a lot of adverts for diet pills and skinny pills though my inbox of late, have you?
So do they work? And if they do why isn’t is everyone thin?

Did you know that doctor prescribed medicines for LIFE THREATENING, but curable, problems only get taken regularly around 55% of the time!

That means, even if there is a little magic pill out there, you probably wouldn’t take it often enough to be effective.

So why is this so?

It’s not that change is hard! We make massive changes in our life all the time. Just look at marriage and moving home, what do these feats have that weight loss does not.

The answer is support and guidance. You wouldn’t move home without an estate agent or a lawyer! well some do, but some succeed at weight loss and others mess up their own attempts to move home unaided.

There are 3 major steps to weight loss and maintaining the healthy weight, and if you don’t know them you have an 88% chance of failure.

With all three in place you have 60 – 70% chance of success.

For a 99% chance of success all you need do is follow the plan!