The current state of affairs for the 40 something’s

A recent study in 2017 seems to show that middle-aged people i.e. 40s & 50s are at a greater risk of increase aging if they have a high BMI than at any other age in our life 1. Some of the aging comes from clock like process of aging while others are genetic and lifestyle influence. This becomes more significant as this tends to be the age we start to become less active. The health implications of a BMI other 25 are well cited. They now appear an even greater threat to over 40s health.

What is the Government doing about it?

The government is currently actively promoting a healthier diet with ‘5 a day’ and ‘100 Kcal snacks 2 a day max’. I feel much of the meaning is lost in reducing health to slogans. For example with the ‘5 a day’ it is obviously trying to encourage the increase in fruit and vegetables to 5 servings to increase fibre, vitamin and mineral intake. However if you are overweight and consume 5 pieces of fruit a day (due to the high sugar content of fruit) you are likely to increase and not decrease your BMI. In a similar way two 100 calorie snacks could contain 25g of sugar each.

What should the government be doing about it?

This is only an opinion but. With the NHS working on a shoestring, about to break the nation economy. Effort should be focused on prevention in both the workplace and the local community. So, instead of outsourcing to BUPA and other private health companies and massive expense. Why not use the growing number of no clinical specialists such as level 4 REPs personal trainers, nutritional therapist and lifestyle coaches to retrain and re-educate the members of the community that have the greatest influence of those around them i.e. middle aged parents.

Where does that leave over 40s health in a year’s time?

In short unless individuals take health and fitness into their own hands the state of over 40s health of both the current 40 year olds and their offspring are likely to maintain the steady decline.  So don’t wait for the government to ride to the rescue, the responsibility for your health lies in your hands alone.


1.Obesity accelerates epigenetic aging in middle-aged but not in elderly individuals

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