Most of us now know not all fat is not bad. This snip-it is just an indication of how you can simply start the fat loss ball rolling.

  • Weight loss. Some evidence shows that eating fish improves weight loss and decreases blood sugar in overweight people and people with high blood pressure. Preliminary research also shows that taking a specific fish oil supplement 6 grams daily, providing 260 mg DHA/gram and 60 mg EPA/gram, significantly decreases body fat when combined with exercise.
  • For weight loss: A daily serving of 2-7 ounces of fish containing approximately 3.65 grams omega-3 fatty acids (0.66 gram from EPA and 0.60 gram from DHA).
  • If you are using a supplement for your omega 3 look for one with high EPA. You should aim for 1 gram of fish oil per percentage body fat if weight loss is you goal. This will help rebalance the large amounts of omega 6 you are already storing.

Omega 3 helps in weight loss because more of the energy is turned into heat than with other forms of fat so you need to burn more for the same performance. Also omega 3 has anti inflammatory properties, these can reduce swelling and inflammation that result in water retention.