Nick Snowdon – Client of The Month July 2015- testimonial

July Client of The Month – Success Story

And here is Nick’s success story:

Well done to Nick Snowdon, who, despite constant back pain, has turned up to every session. Nick has gained weight on the programme but lost lots of fat (10lbs), which is great news as the new lean muscle he has gained will help drive his fat level further down.

“The best thing about the program is the feeling afterwards. It’s hard work, it hurts for a while afterwards but then an hour late you feel fantastic!

If you’re wondering weather to give it ago? Definitely, definitely do it! I said to Riccardo I wasn’t that motivated, I knew I wanted to do it I knew I needed to do it. If I joined a gym or something I just wouldn’t go.

The great thing about Riccardo is you look forward to it!”

Nick Snowdon

“Having a structure and doing exercises properly was a great help. When you come in by yourself you don’t really know what you’re doing or what to do to get the best results.

If you’ve considered personal training do it you’ll get the results!”

“I decided I needed to start a training program to improve my quality of life.

I am now able to be actively involved with the family especially the grand children, and I have now re-established my independence with regards to lifting, walking and just day to day activity.

The things I like most about the program, other than the great results I’m getting, are the one to one support and the commitment of having a booked session has really helped with my attendance.

If you are thinking about joining my advice is, try it, see what happens,  if I can do it anyone can!”


“I’m now go out cycling with the grandchildren, something I couldn’t have done before I started with activeNRG! I now have a better quality of life.”

After seeing a photo of myself next to a photo taken a few years ago, I was shocked to see just how much weight I had put on.  Obviously I knew I’d put weight on but seeing the photos really hit home and I decided it was time to get off the sofa and take action.

I was offered the option of using Herbalife products but I decided that the only way I would be able to maintain the weight loss was to completely change my diet and the way I think about food.  Rick gave me lots of advise and support to do this.

We started off with weekly one to one training sessions which included a weigh in so we could track my weight loss.  At the beginning I was very self conscious in the gym but Rick’s friendly manner soon put me at ease and I was quickly training on my own in between our weekly sessions and I started joining in classes as well.   I never thought exercise could be so much fun.

The weight just dropped off.  Within approximately 8 months I had lost 4.5 stone and 3 dress sizes!

I have now been training with Rick for 3 years and I’ve maintained the weight loss.  I still have the occasional slip and put a few pounds on but Rick is always willing to review my eating habits and get me back on track.  I now attend his small group training session rather than having a one to one.  At first I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it, training with other people, but it is great fun.  You get to meet other people and we enjoy a bit of healthy competition during our sessions.  Rick varies what we do so we never get board.

If you are serious about loosing weight or getting fit, there is no one better to help you than Rick.  He will push you to achieve your goals, but you have to be prepared to put the effort in, it is hard work and there are no short cuts.

This year I made a commitment to lose weight and improve my overall fitness.

Though Riccardo’s weight loss challenge, I have learnt so much about healthy eating, which really is so important.

I really enjoyed his small group exercise sessions as we all motivate each other and it doesn’t seem like exercise because we’re having so much fun!

My personal training sessions with Riccardo are great too. They are well rounded and Riccardo always talks me though the areas I need to improve and strengthen.

I have trained with Riccardo for three years, over that time I have noticed a marked change in my fitness level. Riccardo can find your limits and work with you to get beyond them. I never thought I would be able to gain the strength and core stability as I have now.

It is always enjoyable training with Riccardo, even when at the end of the session, your body feels like it can go no further. I have ached for days after some of the training sessions.

Training with Riccardo will enable you to reach the goals that you desire. I started training to improve my fitness levels for fell walking and backpacking. I have done two fortnight walks over though terrain since starting training and know that without the improved back strength and core stability it would not have been as enjoyable or worthwhile.

I encountered a bike accident in 2000 and sustained a broken leg, I gradually became unfit, overweight and generally lethargic having lost the enthusiasm to keep fit.

I join a gym to attempt to get back in shape. Riccardo came highly recommended as a personal trainer by the gym staff.

Riccardo has trained me for a year, twice a week on average, which has made me feel in great shape and has enhanced my life greatly.

The sessions with Riccardo soon took effect, my training has now become a regular part of my life which I both look forward to and enjoy. I would endorse the recommendations made to me and advocate Riccardo as a personal trainer who puts together a programme to suit personal needs and varies it to ensure all of the muscles benefit from the training.