Positive thinking & danger of the false paradigm

Positive thinking is about thinking the right thoughts and then following through with the required actions. These positive thoughts lifts the barrier, you must still drive the car!

Ok so first of all what is a paradigm? Basically it’s a way of looking at life and trying to make sense of it.

Did a parent ever tell you “You can’t be something” but other people can and are? That’s a false paradigm! The problem is when they are projected onto us by people we think we should trust implicitly they stick. Although often said with the best intention these untruths can hold us back in many areas of our life.

Have you ever tried a physical goal like weight loss or a half marathon, only to give up a few weeks or months into it and say to yourself “I can’t lose weight/run” or whatever it was you were trying to achieve. FALSE PARADIGM. If you have legs with the muscles still attached and functioning you can pretty much guarantee you can run. Same with weight loss you can lose weight, you just need to find what will work for you, and stick to it.

Try this little exercise

  1. Search your mind for a paradigm that you don’t want to be true.
  2. Jump on the web and see how many people actually do what you think can’t be done.
  3. Now rewrite your paradigm with the right ending.
    1. “If I put my mind to it I can achieve x, y & z”.
    2. “I have decided that I will do x, y or z, by date“.
    3. “I have already completed x, y and z, it was great”.
  4. Don’t wait till you do x, y or z to write the last one either get all three down on paper using a pen, put it somewhere you will see it every day and read it out loud every chance you get.
  5. Now believe what you’re reading.
  6. Last do what you need to do to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Feel free to start small test the water as it where but don’t just keep dipping your toes in, submerge yourself in it.

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Know what to do how and even when but it tough and you want support?

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