Lifestyle Fitness Tamworth

Lifestyle Fitness Tamworth is an extremely well equipped gym on the Castle Ground Tamworth.

Ideal for clients who wish to push their performance as well as make physical changes to their body fat, muscle mass and more.

Active NRG PT Studio Sutton Coldfield

Active NRG PT Studio Sutton Coldfield is equipped for many different styles of training, from strength, functional and cardio.

Two Locations One Great Service!

Face to Face Personal Training is the pinnacle of the profession

At ActiveNRG I've gone one stage further, by blending face to face personal coaching with my online personal training you will benefit from a training experience like you could never imagine.

In sessions I take a very hands on approach to help get rapid improvements to movement and ensure your train is more effective.

The accompanying app ensures you have additional training programmes and nutritional recommendations, plus all the support you need for outstanding results

I endeavour to help you more in one hour with me than most trainers will in one month

As a personal trainer and health coach I have spent 20 years perfecting the art of what should and should not be in a personal training session. I've done coarse after coarse and read book after book to find the best methodologies available today, so you don't have to.

Who would benefit from my style of coaching?

If you:

  • Your male (35 - 65) or female (30 & 55) or in reasonably health if older.
  • Have a high stress job (Entrepreneur, CEO or Corporate Executives)
  • Suffer from lifestyle related illness (Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome)
  • Suffer joint or back discomfort due to poor posture
  • And you can follow instructions

Who wouldn't benefit from my style of coaching?

I'm not for everyone, I don't want to be! So if you:

  • Are a fitness or physique contestant  look to get stage ready
  • You think you already know everything about fitness. (Trust me I don't, never do you)