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What Is Mindful Eating?

You can use a habit based diet plan to lose weight or gain weight. The first step is  mindful eating, a key tool that should be mastered before progressing.

Simple put mindful eating is the simple act of thinking about what you are eating. Is it good for me? Will it help me achieve my goals? Will it hider my results? Is it the best option available to me right now? And if not should I choose better or just go for it?

These kind of question you should ask yourself each and every meal. You can make them more specific by following these habit guilds to improve your diet one step at a time

How should I use it in a diet plan to lose weight?

A lot of us aren’t happy with the way we look in the mirror. One thing you may wish to focus on in your initial attempts to create a diet plan to lose weight is the speed you eat at. Many people who are overweight simple eat too fast!

If you eat fast you don’t give your body a chance to register fullness, and before you know it you’ve stuffed 1,000 Kcal down your throat (I’ve been there). It’s important to remember this does not make you a bad person! You don’t want to get hung up on a massive guilt trip, that would only hinder your health as well as results.

Try this!

If you know you eat fast time a main meal, next time you have a similar sized meal try to take a couple of minutes longer to eat it. Continue doing this until the meal take around 20 minutes to eat.

Once you feel full during a meal stop eating. At this point you are around 80% full, and probably feel you could eat a bit more. Don’t!

After an hour from your last bite, take a mental note of how you feel. You should, if you have eaten enough, feel comfortably full.

After two hours, you should now start to think about your next meal, if its a while away a healthy snack may be called for. If it’s only an hour away resist the urge, have a glass of water instead.

After three hours you should be ready to eat! Try to have the next meal ready so you don’t get tempted to snack.

After four hours without an snacks you should be starving! If you’re not ready to eat the next person to walk past you probably had too much on your last plate. So have less on this one.

Adjust your meal size to find the right amount for you.

Follow this until you get it right more often than not without having to think too much about it, make it a habit before moving on to the next one!

How should I use it to gain weight?

If you struggle to put on weight you may well be eating to slow. Many slow eaters struggle to get enough Calories in themselves to put on any weight nevermind gain lean muscle.

So your diet plan should include eating faster we can trick the body in to accepting more Calories before we feel stuffed. For most, done consistently in conjunction with a good strength based training programme will result in lean muscle gain over a period of time.

Fat storage is not generally a problem for hard gainers. When struggling to gain weight you should still ask yourself some of the questions at the top of this page rather than eating junk food till it come out your ears.

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