Lifestyle wheel

Life will always have curveballs to throw at you from time to time, it’s more about how we handle these obstacles than the fact they are there. If you consider everything that happens to you as a massive wall you will struggle to get past those walls, and you will be left behind in the rut you have built for yourself. However, view them in as a challenge your mind will come up with a solution sooner or later to make things work or maybe even better. You can then carve out the lifestyle you want.

This little exercise is to help you focus your energy on what is really important to achieve your lifestyle goals. Just for the simple steps below:-

  1. Draw your wheel on a piece of paper. (like the one above)
  2. Work your way around the spokes scoring yourself from 0 to 10 on each heading. 0 being really terrible, 10 being perfect. and put a little mark on the spoke in the appropriate place.
  3. Once you have done all of the spokes join them with a single smooth line, finishing where you started. In the perfect world this would be a smooth circle, yours probably won’t be, mine wasn’t.
  4. Look at your 3 weakest areas, the ones with the lowest scores, these are the ones to work on first.
  5. Write down three positive things you are already doing on that area.
  6. Now write another three things you could do to improve that area.
  7. Out of those three NEW things, pick the easiest task.
  8. DO THAT TASK FOR A DAY! Easy on 24 hrs right?
  9. Do it again the next day! Still only 24 hrs!
  10. Do it an other day!
  11. Do it for the rest of the week!
  12. Keep going!
  13. After 3 weeks review your wheel, repeat the tasks listed above if the same areas come up do the next easiest.

The essential key to this exercise is your attitude, if you stay positive, even in the face of adversity and follow up, you will break threw.

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