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The 12 Week 

Fit in Your 40's Challenge



Have you got ten or more pounds of body fat to lose? Do you want to strengthen your tired muscles and restore the energy you had 10 or even 20 years ago? Then this challenge is for you!!!

PLUS: You could win the pot! All (100%) of the entry money will go to individual with the best overall results. Based on body change & accountability.

The programme assumes you are in reasonable health and ok to do vigorous exercise. You won't need any equipment at this stage.


FIT in your 40's Challenge

Four times a year I run this 12 week challenge for free! I do it to help busy mums and dads in their 40's  kick start their health and fitness journey.

WELCOME TO MY CHALLENGE, FELLOW PARENT. I know you've got a busy schedule and it's easy for you to forgot about you, I've done it myself! I packed on some serious weight and for a while was struggling to lose it again. Dam that's frustrating, run down exhausted with work, I felt stuck.

That's when I turned it all around again. I reevaluated my priorities and realised I wanted to be around to see my kids grow up! So I made as much time as I could become free and used it wisely.

See what happened yourself.

In just 6 week I dropped 5.4 % body fat